Assets InternationalPhil Applebaum, Genealogical Researcher - A native of Detroit, Phil has been involved in genealogical research since the age of 16, when he traced his own ancestry (he’s still at it). He graduated from Wayne State University with a B.A. degree in geography, but with wide-ranging interests in history and anthropology. For several years, he maintained a full-time genealogical practice, interspersed with stints as an archivist, school administrator, substitute teacher, journalist and technical writer. Commissioned by families and individuals, Phil is the author of full-length family histories, biographies and numerous family trees. In 2008, he discovered that his client, who had been adopted, had a brother unknown to him living in the same Chicago neighborhood. The story was written up in the Sunday magazine section of the Chicago Tribune and later was featured on the Good Morning America and Fox & Friends morning television shows. When he’s not at work, Phil enjoys spending time with his wife and four children, gardening, reading and listening to music.